Drama in Black and White

Walking is important!
At least for my health and well being.
It didn’t matter that the wind was gusting to 55mph.
Battling against the wind just added to the sense of exhilaration.
I had no intention of taking any photographs so left the trusty camera at home.
My determination not to photograph melted at Scarinish when I saw the waves!
Mobile phones do come in handy now and again.

Double click for larger pictures.

Stormy skies, breaking waves, spindrift and a wintry sun asked to be captured.
Gusting wind made standing still extremely difficult.
But I just had to watch and photograph.

And just one in colour to capture that wintry sky and sun.

Wintry sun, sky and crashing waves

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
What an amazing place to live.