Snowfall and Spindrift

It may only be a sprinkling to you, but here on Tiree we woke up to a snowfall.
In fact, it is the second time in as many weeks.
As they announce in the weather forecast,
‘even down to sea level’.

"I drew back the curtains"
“I drew back the curtains”

The amount of snow varied across the island.
For most it was a mixture of hail, sleet and snow.
With the high winds it even drifted against our west facing wall.
But have no fear we did not have to dig our way out our front door.

Snow on the Machair
Snow on the Machair

The high winds from storm Gertrude have continued throughout the day.
Although they have dropped from a high of 77mph yesterday,
gusts today are still well over 60mph.

Snowfall and Spindrift
Tiree Lodge Hotel with snowfall and spindrift

As a consequence of the adverse wind and waves there has been no ferry.
However, tomorrow (Sunday) CalMac are using the weather window.
There will be two crossings, the first leaving Oban at 5:00am.
For late risers the second departs at 1:00pm.

Gott Bay
Even down to sea level – Gott Bay

Cancelled planes mean little or no mail.
Friday’s flights were both cancelled.
Today’s is severely delayed!
Will it be cancelled?

The sun trying hard to break through
The sun trying hard to break through

After Sunday’s weather window Storm Henry is forecast to arrive on Monday.
We are due to fly off on Monday, but it is looking very doubtful.
Perhaps we might get away on Tuesday.

Storm clouds laden with hail over Tiree's memorial
Storm clouds laden with hail over Tiree’s memorial

We have no control over wind or waves.
It is difficult to forecast the weather, let alone control it.
Ferry skippers and plane captains duty is to consider safety.
A point to ponder: Sometimes delay serves a deeper unforseen purpose.

Our view - Spidrift at Millport
Our view – Spidrift at Millport

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

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