Surreal Dawn to Dusk

This morning before sunrise the MV Hebrides berthed at Tiree. It had been an early start for crew and passengers with the vessel departing the Oban Ferry Terminal at 5:00am. With the ferry unable to sail on Saturday due to Storm Gertrude and cancelled on Monday due to Storm Henry this was the first of two crossings. This is an usual event normally reserved for Livestock Sales or the Tiree Music Festival.

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As to be expected the inbound crossing was well laden with commercial vehicles. Local hauliers and freight distributors were grateful for what CalMac was calling a weather window between the two storms. It certainly meant a delivery for the island’s Co-Op. With the second sailing some of the commercial traffic which arrived this morning left on this evening’s ferry.

While this morning’s sky gave a hint of sunrise, this evening’s was dull and overcast. The day as a whole has felt almost surreal – no gale force wind, no driving hail and no slates rising and falling – just a quiet stillness. It is not just that the storm has passed, it is also the knowledge that another storm is approaching and is about to vent its fury.

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With a grand-daughter’s first birthday to celebrate, and a cancelled ferry, we are booked to fly on the first flight tomorrow. “Henry, you need to delay your arrival, just enough to let the plane land safely and take off again.”

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Surreal from Dawn to Dusk