Howling Henry

Howling Henry brought a halt to all transport to and from Tiree on Monday 1st of February. As a consequence of the continuing stormy conditions there will no ferry on Tuesday either. CalMac have advised that they will once again provide a special sailing on the Wednesday, departing Oban at 6:00am. Our hope is that the storm will have sufficiently died down by the morning to permit the plane to land and take off at Tiree’s airport, permitting us to make our connections on the Mainland.

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Here on Tiree, Storm Henry is much more powerful than  Storm Gertrude. Today the gusts have been in the upper 70s for much of the day and before the night is out they may well have reached into the 80s.With the wind coming directly from the West it means our slates are performing a deafening dance and the patio window is bending to the beat.

Going out for a walk in such conditions is an exhilarating experience. With the wind at your back you feel propelled along and with the wind in your face you have to fight for every step. It is not only sand, spray and foam that flies in such conditions, wheelie bins and other debris take to the air. Drop almost anything at it is on the neighbouring Isle of Mull before you know it.

From around the island have come reports of spectacular sights. Some bays simply turned white, others with enormous waves and of stretches of road covered in sea foam driven in by the wind.

Forced along by the wind I found myself at the pier. It was going towards low tide and the waves were crashing up higher than the lights on the pier. Out in the Passage of Tiree the sea was like a boiling cauldron.


Howling Henry has brought high winds, hail and at times blue skies.
It is hard to believe right now that yesterday was so calm and peaceful!

Rolling along the approach to the pier

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