Rising Above It All

An hour away from Tiree by plane and yet Glasgow feels like a different world altogether. The two airports stand in sharp contrast. Both have safety and security requirements, but there most of the similarity ends. You leave a world where the airport staff are known to you and enter the anonymous world of Glasgow International Airport.

Tiree Airport
Tiree Airport
The short ride on the shuttle bus brings you into the bustling the city centre. Tall, tall buildings, buses, coaches, cars, vehicle after vehicle and so many people. How true the strap line – 'People Make Glasgow'. There are certainly plenty of people to make Glasgow.
Wind Sock
The Wind Sock

Although Glasgow is only a transit point and not our final destination, we make the most of the opportunity to visit the shops – household names on the Mainland, but unavailable on our island home. While many purchases can be bought online, you cannot browse or try things on while sitting in your home with a tablet on your knee.

The Pier, Scarinish
The Pier, Scarinish

Although Tiree was still experiencing the tail end of Storm Henry, thankfully the wind was only gusting to 58mph when we arrived at the Aiport for our flight. Due to a delay in the inbound flight our departure was delayed by about 90 minutes, but we are grateful to be able to fly, even if we are a day late in departing.

Balephetrish Bay
Balephetrish Bay

The tiny 'Twin Otter' aircraft holds no more than 14 passengers along with their luggage and the mail. Sitting on the apron you could feel it being rocked by the wind. After the safety briefing, we taxi to the runway, the two engines throb with power, the brakes are off, and we are up and climbing up, up – rising above Tiree.

The Kenovay Road
The Kenovay Road

“Look there's the pier and our home. There's the Kenovay Road, the High School, and the Atlantic Ocean.” We have risen above it all – even the clouds.

Tiree High Scool
Tiree High School

This is 'Life on Tiree'.



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