Moon Landing

As the Algerian barber said in Peckham London,
“East – West – Home’s best.”
It sure felt like that
as we touched down at Tiree Airport
to be warmly greeted by caring friends.

Tiree Sunset
Tiree Sunset

The day began for us at 5:00am.
Our first train of the day was at 6:04am from Peckham Rye Station.
Our second train departed promptly from London Euston at 7:30am.
To reach Glasgow involved a change of trains at Carlisle Citadel station.
This was due to the ongoing problems on the West Coast Mainline due to Storm Frank.

Snow Capped Peaks in the Lake District - from Train Window
Snow Capped Peaks in the Lake District – from Train Window

Our early train arrived into Glasgow Central Station at 1:15pm.
This gave time for a brief stopover.
A last look at the shops!

Taking off into the sunset
Taking off into the sunset

One Tiree resident with a sense of humour posted their status,
‘Travelling to Dubai, United Arab Emirates
from Glasgow International Airport.”
We were on the same flight.

Flying into the Sunset
Flying into the Sunset

We were two of the five passengers aboard the Loganair Flight to Tiree.
Seven people altogether including the captain and first officer.
As the steps were lowered by Marie the first officer,
she said that we had landed as the moon came out.

After the narrow horizons of London skyline – cluttered with skyscrapers –
it was so good to be back home under Tiree’s big wide sky.
What a dramatic welcome!

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of friends
in no time at all we were back in our own home
tucking into a hearty evening meal.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’.