The Maze – Amazing!

To guarantee sunny weather try inviting a relative
who wants to experience wild, wintry weather on Tiree.
Their ferry crossing was on an almost flat calm sea with bright blue skies.
Unlike a few days ago there was no swell to prevent berthing.

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After lunch we headed for the Maze.
Driving along we spotted a hare, then moments later another two.
It seemed a bit early, but the two appeared to be having a boxing match.

The ‘Maze’ is a recent name given by windsurfers to Tràigh Thòrasdail.
“Ahhhh, the Maze, long powerful, peaking, pure wave riding heaven.’
“This gem of a Scottish wave . . .”

The word is out . . .
“When big the Maze is only suitable for experts
because it can be very tricky to get out,
and your peachy wave ride
may often end with a good swim.
When it is smaller it is good fun for everyone.”

With recent storms a fading memory and almost no wind
the Maze was still an amazing place to visit.
It was a sun trap and a joy to explore.

The tide was coming in . . .
and although a calm day . . .
there were still some good waves.

Kenavara from the Maze
Kenavara from the Maze

By the time we were taking our leave the sun was setting.
As we made our way to the car we met a man.
A man with his dog – a black lab.

Skerryvore Lighthouse from the Maze
Skerryvore Lighthouse

We had only been remarking that
we did not know who posted as ‘7 Degrees West’.
Now we had the answer – Malcolm Steel of Kilkenneth.
He has some amazing photographs, including the Maze and Sandaig.

And just like the day before
the evening ended with a beautiful crescent moon.
As the old saying, ‘the new moon with the old moon in its arms’.


This is ‘Life on Tiree’.