Seeing Blue

How we see the world isn’t just about our eyesight.
It is also about our emotions and experiences.
In fact it can involve all our senses.
Take the colour blue . . .

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When it came to painting a room
my mother would never have chosen the colour blue.
Blue in her opinion was definitely out – it was a cold colour.
That may well be true at present with the wind coming from the north.
Yet, sky and sea have beautiful shades of blue when it is sunny and bright.

Grey days lack colour and definition.
Many find such days extremely difficult.
Sunshine, rain, high winds all are better than grey days.
Yet we also talk about ‘feeling blue’ when life is bearing down on us.

For my mum red was a warm colour.
Some wildly choose to paint the town ‘red’.
And when someone is angry they are said to see ‘red’.
Today, as for the past three days, the predominant colour has been blue.
The blue of the sky has been reflected in the waters surrounding our island.
How uplifting the colour ‘blue’ has been.

  • This is the 'Life on Tiree'
    This is the ‘Life on Tiree’