Wintry Weather Prevails

Black and Blue would be a perfect description of the weather today. One minute the sky is black, the next it is blue. Add in wintry hail showers. Yesterday stormy weather prevailed throughout the day. Consequently both the ferry and the plane were cancelled. Winds were gusting up to 60mph and visibility was very poor. […]

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Sale Day Sailings

On Saturday the 13th February the MV Hebrides, replacement vessel for the MV Clansman which is presently in dry dock, called twice at Tiree. (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures) The first sailing arrived Tiree 9:17 and departed 9.44 The majority of the traffic was commercial vehicles. However there were also many foot passengers. […]

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Sunset on a Memorable Day

On the 14th of February, 2016, the Baptist Church on Tiree met at their newly renovated premises at Baugh to give God thanks and to dedicate the church building to be used for His honour and glory. (Mouse-over for captions – Double-click for larger pictures) For our family visitors it was their last whole day […]

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Summer in Winter

It started with Abigail (A Big Gale) and was quickly followed by a succession of other more powerful storms. Storms Frank, Gertrude and Henry left many on the Mainland without power and shut roads and railway lines. In fact the West Coast Railway Line remains closed in Scotland due to the storm damage wrought upon […]

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The Maze – Amazing!

To guarantee sunny weather try inviting a relative who wants to experience wild, wintry weather on Tiree. Their ferry crossing was on an almost flat calm sea with bright blue skies. Unlike a few days ago there was no swell to prevent berthing. (Mouse-over for captions – Double-click for larger pictures) After lunch we headed for […]

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Morning Has Broken

A well-known hymn set to the tune Bunessan proclaims ‘Morning has broken, like the first morning.’ Ah! What a great start to the day! Sunrise! Sunshine! (Mouse-over for titles, double-click for larger pictures) A popular UK coffee chains advertises, ‘When your morning has broken, we’ll help fix it.’ Well. There was nothing broken about morning here […]

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Moon Landing

As the Algerian barber said in Peckham London, “East – West – Home’s best.” It sure felt like that as we touched down at Tiree Airport to be warmly greeted by caring friends. The day began for us at 5:00am. Our first train of the day was at 6:04am from Peckham Rye Station. Our second train […]

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