Chocolate For Breakfast

‘Chocolate for Breakfast’
Take your pick, a bar, a box or drinking.
Sunrise from our south facing windows was like an advert for chocolate.
With the sun just over the horizon the Paps of Jura added the final touch.

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The distant Paps of Jura
The distant Paps of Jura

At coffee we observed for the first time the return of the ‘little birds’.
As the days lengthen and get warmer more and more will return.
But notice that cheeky starling enjoying some fat.
The fat was a welcome Christmas present.

Reports of snow across much of the Mainland hit the headlines.
However, the Isle of Tiree remains a snow free zone.
But, we can still see it on neighbouring islands.
And even on the distant Mainland.

Leaving the pier on the morning constitutional,
the morning flight to Glasgow passed overhead.
An important link to the Mainland at any time of the year,
but especially on Winter Wednesdays and Fridays,
when there is no ferry service.

The flight from Tiree to Glasgow International Airport
The flight from Tiree to Glasgow International Airport

Passing some cattle pens in the centre of Scarinish
a cow and her black calf caught my eye.
When taking the photograph of her baby,
you could observe how protective mum was.

Just remembering Sunday is Mothers’ Day

Snow capped peaks and white crested waves were next.
Whether Ben More and neighbouring peaks on Mull
Or the more distant Paps of Jura.

Finally, out with the paintbox – only trouble I am no artist.
I have no skill with brushes or pencils, oils or watercolours.
Thankfully I can let my trusty camera paint the picture for me.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ from breakfast to lunchtime.