Consistently Changeable

Consistently Changeable. Wanted Settled.
At present the weather is consistently changeable.
One to two days of sunshine are followed by unsettled weather.
Nevertheless we have been presented with some grand sunrises and sunsets.

Anatomy of a Sunset 09/03/16
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Someone remarked recently,
the weather seems to know when the ferry is berthing. It rains!
Yes! On this occasion it wasn’t just grey it rained as the ferry berthed.

Thankfully, with calmer days
and the wind changing direction,
away from the north,
there is the hint of some warmth in the air.

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Today it was extremely low tide at the Harbour.
At that point sand, stone, sea and sky, all were grey.
But within minutes everything can change.

Each sunset so different.
Each sunset so different.

This is ‘Life on Tiree”
Consistently Changeable.