A Splash of Colour

After three days of warm sunshine, grey skies and seas have returned. The coats and scarves, hats and gloves, have been pressed back into service. Yet all is not lost. There has been a splash of colour, even on a grey day. Transported out of Scarinish we became aware that Spring had indeed touched the island.

The next splash of colour was in a sense black and white.
It appears the Cobbled Cow has had an addition to the family.
Sitting in the car park is the evidence.
The ‘Cobbled Calf’

The Cobbled Calf

A Man with a van.
Don’t you just love it?
The calf is in 3D
“Food For Grazing”
And is that ‘Hob’ on the registration?

The black and white theme continues.

The return of the lettering at Bùth à Bhaile
The return of the lettering at Bùth à Bhaile

At ‘Loch’ Scarinish’
that black and white theme continues with shades of green.


Then for a real ‘Splash of Colour’.
A rib from South Uist visited Gott Bay.
It brought a wind turbine engineer to the island.

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The MV ‘Lord of the Isles’ didn’t want to be missed out.
Look closely at her funnels – there is a splash of colour
After all her days are numbered as far as Tiree is concerned.
In less than a week she will be moving to Mallaig for the Lochboisdale crossing.

Finally, before the day is out.
A streak, a splash of colour in the Western sky.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’
Colourful even on grey days.