Thursday the 24th of March is the last day of CalMac’s Winter Timetable.
From Friday the 25th of March the Clansman is our dedicated vessel.
So it is farewell to the ‘Lord of the Isles’ (LOTI).

The MV ‘Lord of the Isles’ was following an amended timetable
to facilitate the change from the winter to summer timetable.
She departed Oban 2 hours early at 6.15am
Scheduled to arrive in Tiree at 10:25
The vessel berthed at 10:18

The vessel appeared to be busy with vehicular traffic.
After unloading and loading the ferry departed at 10:42.
Today she would return to Coll and then onward to Oban.

The final vehicles reversing on for Coll
The final vehicles reversing on for Coll

The breeze overnight meant there was a slight swell at sea.
However the water at the Pier and in Gott Bay was calm.
As LOTI berthed the rain came on.
Now the sun is shining.

The new Summer Timetable means we will have a sailing every day.
Not only that we now have the Clansman as our dedicated ferry.
This in itself means there is much needed additional capacity.
In July and August there will be 2 sailings on a Saturday.
This improvement was desperately needed.

Tomorrow we welcome the Mighty Clansman

The Summer Timetable is available here
Note there are 2 timetables.

CalMac Advice
Easter Weekend
“Passengers should be aware
that we are expecting some challenging weather
and some disruption across our network this Easter weekend.”