A Tantalising View

It is the Easter Weekend.
Officially Spring has sprung.
However, it has felt more like winter.
The breeze has had a raw edge to it all day.

Looking West towards Hough

As the daylight hours were drawing to a close
there was a tantalising view westwards of the sun.
Could it really be true that the forecasters have got it right?
Or is the promise of sunshine next week just one big tease?

Braving the elements we set out to walk.
It was a futile hope of getting a glimpse of a sunset.
Still high water at Scarinish Old Harbour was pleasing.
With white horses out at sea we dreamt of next week’s sunshine.

One of this morning’s visitors

Whatever the weather we have a stream of visitors.
Are their regular visits just cupboard love?
But they do bring such pleasure!

The wind is blowing.
The white horses prancing.
Honestly! Sunshine is forecast!
Here’s hoping it is out tomorrow morning.
It is the sunrise service on the beach.
And the clocks go forward an hour!