“Outlook” The word has various meanings. For some ‘Outlook’ is a piece of computer software. For others it relates to the weather forecast. “What’s the weather outlook for tomorrow?” Rather pertinent on Tiree! Today’s outlook all round Tiree was stunning. Above is the amazing outlook to the South. The Paps of Jura – some 50 miles away. […]

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Tiree’s Silvery Seas

Yesterday, Tiree Topped the Met-Office’s Extremes (Data issued 00:02 on Fri 29 Apr 2016) For Strathclyde: Lowest maximum temperature – Tiree 4.9 °C Highest precipitation – Tiree 25.4 mm Sunniest – Tiree 4.5 hours and for the UK Highest precipitation – Tiree 25.4 mm (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures) What a stark contrast. Blue […]

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Tiree Transformed

It may be the end of April but it it’s snow joke. It’s for real! (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures in galleries) Drawing back the curtains is shocking. Tiree is transformed. It is a whiteout! Tiree has been transformed into snowy wonderland. You cannot say winter wonderland. It’s April – it’s springtime. It’s snowing […]

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Homeward Bound

The alarm clock rings out. It’s only 5:50am but we must leave blanket bay. In just over an hour the ferry will be sailing for Tiree. (Mouse-over for captions and double-click for larger pictures in galleries) Down in the hotel dining room by 6:30 there is time for a quick bowl of cereal before crossing […]

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Oban is more than a place of arrival and departure; it is a venue characterised by anticipation. In Oban you anticipate the crossing to Tiree and your arrival there some four hours later. Travelling to the Isle of Tiree generally necessitates an overnight stay in Oban, especially when arriving in the town by public transport. (The […]

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14 Hours of Sunshine

  Little wonder that the Isle of Tiree is the Sunshine Capital of the U.K. Yesterday saw the island enjoy 14 hours of glorious sunshine. To think we left this behind. The previous evening we had arrived in Oban just before 10:30pm. We awoke to a town bathed in sunshine. Out and about ice creams […]

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The Familiar

It’s only a short visit to the Mainland, but it has made think of the importance of the familiar. For those who had little option other than emigration in the mid-ninetieth century the familiar landmarks must have been treasured memories.  Leaving these shores meant leaving family and the familiar as they committed themselves to perilous journeys. […]

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It’s Official

For two consecutive days Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th April Tiree has been officially the sunniest place in the UK And today, Saturday, has had its fair share of sunshine. The wind coming from directly from the North has been bitingly cold. However, with the sun out it transforms the sky and the sea. […]

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Repeat Performance

Yesterday Tiree was the sunniest place in Strathclyde. Yesterday Tiree was the Sunniest place in the UK An official 11.7 hours of sunshine. Well! The repeat performance was not the hours of sunshine. The forecast included sunshine, but only for 9.5 hours. In contrast with yesterday it didn’t feel like that. The wind was directly […]

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Signs of Life

Signs of life in a graveyard. The weather was fine for walking. Warm and sunny with hardly a breath of wind. Thus it was we set out for Gott Bay and Kirkapol. (Mouseover for titles – double click for larger pictures) At Kirkapol there are three redundant church buildings. The earliest church building dates back […]

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