Oot An Aboot

Today has been a day to be out and about. While there may not have been bright blue skies, the weather has surpassed the forecast. With a chauffeur to hand the opportunity was taken to visit Milton and observe the MV Clansman sailing towards the island of Coll on its way to Oban.

(Mouse-ver for captions, double-click for larger pictures)

You cannot help notice just how many lambs and calves there are on the island at present.

If only chauffeur would keep his eyes on the road!
But then we would have missed the hare.
What banned substance are they on?
How they can run.

The chauffeur’s next choice was Balevullin beach.
What magnificent views of the Outer Hebrides today.
It was so relaxing walking along the beach and watching the surf.

Not sunset!
Just an atmospheric end to our walk.
Yet the skies heralded another great sunset.

Thi is ‘Life on Tiree’