Sunday Special

Sunday is special and we had a very special Sunday. The sunrise woke us as it streamed into our bedroom.  Although about 10:00 am some clouds came over the island, the sun never disappeared. What a weekend we have enjoyed. On Saturday, once again, Tiree was the sunniest place in the UK with more than ten hours of sunshine. Today, we could not have been far off claiming the record.

Distinct cloud formations came over about 10:00am
Distinct cloud formations came over about 10:00am

After meeting with the church family for worship, we went on to enjoy lunch with some friends.  We were then taken on an exciting adventure to Vaul by an intrepid five year old explorer with boundless energy. Ancient ruins became castles and rocky clefts became the haunts of pirates and vikings. To think we had originally gone looking to see if any of the wild flowers were making an appearance.

It wasn’t just the wild flowers that caught our attention; it was a delight to see the young lambs and their mothers.

How clear the neighbouring islands were, even in the bright sunlight. Many of the Small Isles could be recognised and even some of the Western Isles.

While our explorer did his own thing we stood and watched the waves crashing on the rocks. (Do enlarge the photographs by double-clicking on them – the waves are worth it!}

“Pole Star’ a buoy laying vessel that we saw to the south of Tiree on the Saturday we saw it again this afternoon as it entered and passed through the Gunna Sound.

Daylight hours drew to a close with another spectacular sunset.

Looking West over Gott Bay we could see the sun sinking below the horizon. Sunday is special. It is the day we remember Jesus did the impossible – He rose from the dead never to die again. And what a special Sunday we have enjoyed.

Good night from ‘Life on Tiree” on a sunny Sunday.