Signs of Life

Signs of life in a graveyard.
The weather was fine for walking.
Warm and sunny with hardly a breath of wind.
Thus it was we set out for Gott Bay and Kirkapol.

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At Kirkapol there are three redundant church buildings.
The earliest church building dates back to the thirteenth century.
The most recent of the three only closed its doors in the past few years.

The decision was made to head up from the beach to the graveyard.
There among the gravestones were signs of life.
In among the graves Spring had sprung.

It was a day of blue skies.
Yellow appeared to be the colour of the season.
Then the speedwells seemed to say, “We are blue!”
And the humble daisy reminded us that they are white.

All too soon it was time to head back home.
So back along the sands of Gott Bay.
With views across to Mull.


The moon was out already.
Only it wasn’t moonlight on the water.
It was the sun painting the water various shades of blue.

This is “Life on Tiree” – a sun kissed island.