Oban is more than a place of arrival and departure;
it is a venue characterised by anticipation.
In Oban you anticipate the crossing to Tiree
and your arrival there some four hours later.

An sunlit Hebridean Princess
A sunlit Hebridean Princess

Travelling to the Isle of Tiree
generally necessitates an overnight stay in Oban,
especially when arriving in the town by public transport.
(The Tuesday afternoon sailing is the exception to the rule.)

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Our arrival in Oban was too late to catch the ferry.
However, the weather was bright, even if a touch chilly.
After a pleasant evening meal
there was time for a stroll along the esplanade.

How we were appreciating the longer day light hours.
This was in contrast with the time spent in Oxfordshire.
Across the bay the sun was slowly setting behind the Isle of Kerrera.

With the ferry sailing next morning at 7:15
and the need to be there by 7:00 as foot-passengers
it was most important to keep a watchful eye on the time.

Goodnight Oban bed calls.
Anticipating breakfast on board the Clansman.
Anticipating a calm crossing to home on the Isle of Tiree.

McCaig's Tower dominates the night time skyline.
McCaig’s Tower dominates the night time skyline.

The joys of ‘Life on Tiree’