The word has various meanings.
For some ‘Outlook’ is a piece of computer software.
For others it relates to the weather forecast.
“What’s the weather outlook for tomorrow?”
Rather pertinent on Tiree!

Paps of Jura
The outlook to the South – the Paps of Jura

Today’s outlook all round Tiree was stunning.
Above is the amazing outlook to the South.
The Paps of Jura – some 50 miles away.

The outlook to the east was equally impressive.
Some 20 miles away lies the Isle of Mull.
It’s snow covered peaks stood out.
Ben More captures the eye.

Ben Hynish from Scarinish
Ben Hynish from Scarinish

How different the outlook from yesterday.
Ben Hynish is almost snow free.
The thick snow has gone.

As the evening drew in the outlook changed once again.
The transition to the hours of darkness had their own drama.
How difficult it is to resist a walk down by the pier just for the outlook.

Tomorrow’s runners will have a favourable outlook.
Imagine running in such surroundings.
Many will realise it.

For those who acknowledge Jesus as Lord the outlook is glorious.
The Bible says, “Christ in you the confident assurance of glory.”