It’s Official

For two consecutive days Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th April Tiree has been officially the sunniest place in the UK And today, Saturday, has had its fair share of sunshine. The wind coming from directly from the North has been bitingly cold. However, with the sun out it transforms the sky and the sea. […]

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Repeat Performance

Yesterday Tiree was the sunniest place in Strathclyde. Yesterday Tiree was the Sunniest place in the UK An official 11.7 hours of sunshine. Well! The repeat performance was not the hours of sunshine. The forecast included sunshine, but only for 9.5 hours. In contrast with yesterday it didn’t feel like that. The wind was directly […]

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Signs of Life

Signs of life in a graveyard. The weather was fine for walking. Warm and sunny with hardly a breath of wind. Thus it was we set out for Gott Bay and Kirkapol. (Mouseover for titles – double click for larger pictures) At Kirkapol there are three redundant church buildings. The earliest church building dates back […]

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Here Comes The Sunshine

Today dawned bright, sunny and calm. The MV Clansman entered into the silvery waters of Gott Bay. It was just as if a spotlight had been focused on the ferry. What a contrast with the  day before when the water was cold and leaden. Due to the MV Isle of Lewis being in dry dock […]

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A Colourful Visitor

A colourful character dropped by for lunch today on what was otherwise a rather grey day. Before coming to Tiree we acquired a couple of bird feeders. A thoughtful Christmas present added to the collection. With the gift came a large sack of bird food. What pleasure this has brought. Over the winter it seemed […]

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Sunday Special

Sunday is special and we had a very special Sunday. The sunrise woke us as it streamed into our bedroom.  Although about 10:00 am some clouds came over the island, the sun never disappeared. What a weekend we have enjoyed. On Saturday, once again, Tiree was the sunniest place in the UK with more than […]

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The Sounds of Sunset

Tiree specialises in spectacular sunsets. Low lying and with big skies no matter where you live on the island sunsets are special.  At the west end of the island the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean, here on the east we have the ‘Big Bay’ (Gott Bay) and the Passage of Tiree. Coming and going […]

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