Pick and Mix

The sun has shone on Tiree today.
Not as warm as London, but warmer than it has been.
With a chauffeur to drive here a few photographs from the East End.

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Due to wind and wave conditions yesterday’s ferry was cancelled.
Today, the ferry had no problems berthing at Tiree.
However, due to problems berthing at Coll
the Clansman was sailing direct to Oban.

Even with a stiff breeze blowing the waters in Gott Bay were calm.
By contrast the waves at Vaul were crashing on the rocks below.
The crofting township of Vaul is on the Atlantic Coast.
A great place for a summer sunset.

On the headland at Vaul a ewe was hunkering down.
She was keeping a watchful eye on her twins.
They had found a spot out of the wind.
‘Just resting their eye-lids.’

To our great delight our colourful visitor has returned to the garden.
Perhaps the fresh birdseed put out today attracted our little goldfinch.

Some flowers freshly captured just for you.
Some flowers freshly captured just for you.

A Pick and Mix from one sunny day.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’.