Wow! Wow! Wow!

Today the temperature reached reached a staggering 24°
Blue skies characterised the day from dawn to dusk.
Sparkling blue waters wash our sandy shores.
Tiree is today the warm west.

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No coat and scarf.
No gloves. ‘Nae red bunnet’.
It was a day for ‘Slip! Slap! Slop!

Should be wearing my sun hat.
Should be wearing my sun hat.

It is so bright there is a heat haze.
Neighbouring islands are shrouded by the haze.

It is a day to walk slowly, slowly.
A day to watch the birds cooling their toes.
A day on which the children play excitedly on the beach.

Cooling the toes
Cooling the toes

It is day to compare and contrast.
April the 28th and May the 9th 2016
To think that less than 2 weeks ago Tiree had heavy snow.
Today the Isle of Tiree deserves its title of the Bahamas of the North.

As the sun set this evening the forecast is for warm sun tomorrow.
Tomorrow evening we set out to meet the neighbours.
Colonsay here we come.
“Save some sun.”

The moon a shadow of its former self.

Isle of Tiree

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ – the Bahamas of the North