To the best of my knowledge there is not an illicit still on Tiree, rather this is an account of the night of the full moon. Arriving back in Scarinish, after an evening out at Ceabhar Restaurant at Sandaig, the full moon was high overhead. However, by the time the camera was to hand the moon was playing a game of ‘catch me if you can’. Although many stars were in evidence in the night sky, the moon was hiding for the most part behind a veil of cloud of varying degrees of thickness.

The moon playing catch me

To the south over the Passage of Tiree, even when the moon was hidden, sky and sea were lit up by moonshine. This was the real thing and not simply a pale imitation.

Over Gott Bay, the sky was much darker, yet it was a reminder that we are getting closer to the ‘longest day’, when daylight hours and the gloaming are at their maximum.

The Lodge Hotel like a ship in the night
The Lodge Hotel like a ship in the night

Gone midnight the moon decided to make a longer appearance.

To the south, was that Mars that could be seen like a bright star below the moon?

Is that speck of light to the south the planet Mars?

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on the night of the full moon.