Late Post

Although flight delays can result in the local postmen working late,
the post in question is an update to lifeontiree
with photographs captured late in the day.

The clouds in the sky hint at what is to come
The clouds in the sky hint at what is to come

It has been another day at A’ Bhuain.
Home Comers and Islanders need lunch.
The sterling efforts of the catering teams have much appreciated.

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As the sun went down a walk was most inviting.
The weather this week has been calm and sunny.
The evening air was still and filled with birdsong.
This late post is mainly concerned with sheep and sunset

It is if the A’Bhuain committee organised a week of special sunsets.
Home Coming 2016 has been characterised by dramatic sunsets.
This evening’s was certainly not a disappointment.

As ever Gott Bay provides a viewpoint for the setting sun.
No need to drive to the island’s extremitiees.
Sunset is around 22:00 hours
Thus the late post.

Good Night from Life on Tiree.