When Pictures Fail

It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” however there are occasions when words and pictures fail. This is certainly true of the recent Skipinnish concert organised by the A’ Bhuain Committee for the Tiree Home Coming 2016.


Led by Angus MacPhail from Tiree, the band was originally formed with a mission to champion classic Scottish Highland West Coast music. At A’ Bhuain they certainly had everyone engaged, singing, clapping and foot stomping.

For Life on Tiree this was a first live Skipinnish Concert. For ‘Home Comers’ and residents of Tiree alike it was a grand occasion and a memory to be treasured.

Even the stoic efforts of the official photographer
fail to capture the great atmosphere –
although he has posted a video.

Songs were introduced with helpful explanations as to how they came to be written.
Humorous interactions between band members was greatly appreciated.
It was a great moment was reminded that his ex-school teacher
had a story to two tell if he didn’t do what he was told!

A humorous moment over the best Gaelic - Tiree of course!
A humorous moment over the best Gaelic – Tiree of course!

So when words and pictures fail here is
Skipinnish Vdieo from A’ Bhuain

The end of another glorious day on the Isle of Tiree
where concert goers go home in the gloamin’

The Gloaming' from An Talla
The Gloaming’ from An Talla