Do you like Butter?

Do you remember taking a buttercup,
placing it under someone’s chin and asking,
“Do you like butter?”

"Do you like butter?"
“Do you like butter?”

“Butter or margarine?” – that’s the question today.
However, there is no doubting the abundance of wild flowers.
The flora are responding to the bright warm sunshine we are enjoying.
In the evening you can see many of them closing their heads for the night.

Tiree Garden Flower
Tiree Garden Flower

As yet we have not mowed the lawn.
We have certainly cut the grass.
Our garden is natural!

Attending to the grass this year
we do not appear to have disturbed any frogs
but we did disturb this quick moving hairy one.

We are still learning to identify the wild flowers that surround our home.
It is wonderful just how many species are right on the doorstep.
Daisies colour the Machair around Scarinish.
otherwise yellow dominates.

As if to enforce the point
there is large bank of gorse
clearly visible on the road
from Scarinish to Gott and beyond.

Tiree Gorse
A bank of gorse adds colour

But just look at this!
This specimen was found overhanging the burn.
A burn that is apparently called “Millburn or Millstream”
Driving along Pier Road you cross the burn with this beauty.


This is beautiful ‘Life on Tiree’.