Saturday Special

Sunrise was 4:50 and Sunset is 22:00 hours.
Conscious that is nearing sunset we leave home.
The setting sun is reflecting off our neighbours’ windows.
However our eyes are drawn upwards where the sky is on fire.

Clouds are transformed by the setting sun
Clouds are transformed by the setting sun

Crossing onto Pier Road the memorial is floodlit by the setting sun.
This evening is truly a Saturday Special.

Floodlit Memorial
Floodlit Memorial, Pier Road, Scarinish, Isle of Tiree

There is an urgency, the sun is getting lower and lower in the western sky.
Yet, An Turas. (An Arty Viewpoint) demands a photograph.
The glow lights it up.

Sunset lights up An Turas
Sunset lights up An Turas

Just in time to catch the sun setting over Gott Bay.
Going! Going! Gone.
The sun sets.

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The sun is set.
The Isle of Mull is in the shadows.
Gott Bay is still bathed in the after glow.

So to Scarinish Old Harbour and Lighthouse
This is the gloaming’ – it’s 22:15
No camera tripod!

The sheep in Scarinish are settling down for the short night.
While sky is still transformed over the Steadings
It’s been a real Saturday Special Sunset.

This is “life on Tiree’ basking in the after glow.