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Leader (1892) is the largest and oldest of the remaining legendary Brixham trawlers.
She was one of the largest of the Brixham sailing trawlers,
known, despite their Ketch rig, as the ‘Big Sloops’.

Leader in  Gott Bay, Isle of Tiree
Leader in Gott Bay, Isle of Tiree

Leader last visited Tiree in June 2015
The yacht dropped anchor in Gott Bay on Sunday.
She was one of many visitors to Tiree for the May Bank Holiday.

Leader reflecting the setting sun
Leader reflecting the setting sun

For three weeks the sun has shone on the island.
This has meant one beautiful sunset after another.
As the crew thought about their bunks – “What a sunset!”

Sunset over Gott Bay
Sunset over Gott Bay

At first light and before dawn the Moon was high in the sky.
Were the crew still tucked up in their bunks?
They have a busy day ahead of them.

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Leader arrived in Gott Bay from Lochaline.
She sailed north up the Sound of Mull.
Then sailed past the Isle of Coll.
And visited the Gunna Sound.

Although keeping an eye on the Marine Traffic app
it was a telephone call that gave the alert
as to the vessels imminent departure.
“Sails are being raised!”

“Follow the Leader”
The Clansman was next to enter Gott Bay.
And as the Clansman headed out to see for Coll and Oban
another yacht entered the bay – a much small yacht.

MV Clansman
Clansman heading out to sea while a yacht enters Gott Bay

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