Sea and Sky

As sunset approached there was no fiery ball. Nevertheless the sky was like an artist’s palette. It was like a powerful magnet drawing you out to observe it. Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger photographs. East and West, North and South the sky was transformed. No fiery ball dropping beneath the horizon. Yet sky and […]

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The rainbow is an exciting meteorological phenomenon. It has been rightly said that it is ‘one of nature’s most splendid masterpieces’. While it is helpful to understand how it is formed, it is not essential to admire its beauty. The urgent cry went up from the business hub of our home – the kitchen. “Look out […]

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The Choice Is Yours

Lunch was enjoyed at the Lodge Hotel. Lunch over we asked our chauffeur, “Where would you like to go?” “The choice is yours!” It was a warm, sunny afternoon. Gott Bay was resplendent in the sunshine. Out in the bay there was a yacht lying at anchor. “The choice is yours.” “You’re only here a short time.” […]

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A Momentous Weekend

A Momentous Weekend. Two regular sailings from Oban in a day. Not every day, but every Saturday in High Season. This must be a first for Tiree in many years in a very long time. Thanks to the work of Tiree Community Council, the efforts of Tiree’ Transport Group, and a responsive CalMac, this has […]

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Seal Island

What a beautiful summer’s afternoon! With blue sky and azure blue sea to revel in. And with a chauffeur to hand we head to West Hynish. The seal colony at West Hynish is so amazing It has never let us down and today was no disappointment. Even from the roadside we could see the seals lazing […]

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Strawberry Moon

2016 is a Leap Year. This makes Monday 20th June the Summer Solstice. This evening is a full moon known as the “Strawberry Moon’. “Having a full moon land smack on the solstice is a truly rare event,” In the northern hemisphere this is the day with the longest hours of daylight. On the Isle […]

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A Wee Reminder

It is Sunday Andy Murray has won the Men’s Singles at Queens. Even more significant is is wet and windy on the Isle of Tiree. Strange, after at least five weeks, if not six , of blue skies and seas. A wee reminder it can be wet and windy on Tiree. The stock on the island certainly […]

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Environmental Destruction

It is nothing less than destruction of the environment. It should be banned. It should  be made illegal. You may want manicured lawns to impress. Grass cutting should cease immediately. It is difficult enough coping with the weather on Tiree. You call it five weeks of glorious sunshine. Have you no consideration? Your grass is my haven. […]

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Red! Red! Red!

Red! Red! Red! Yet another Spectacular Sunset. The day itself was characterised by light showers. But come late evening the sunset did not disappoint. The cup of coffee is abandoned. How can you stay indoors with such a magnetic sky. You are drawn by the reds and yellows to stand and appreciate. Earlier in the evening […]

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Here on Tiree we have been enjoying warm, sunny weather. Having consulted the calendar we are now in week six. Apart from a few odd days it has been exceptional. So we have had amazing sunsets. Mouse-over for captions and double click for larger pictures in galleries Walk down the road past An Turas. Glance south […]

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