Cool! Cool! Tiree!

Cool! Tiree!
Temperatures hitting 20 degrees.
It is bright, sunny, and hot on the Isle of Tiree.

The Old Pier, Scarinish
The Old Pier, Scarinish

There is no cooling breeze down on the pier.
The wind sock on the end of the pier is almost limp.
The heat haze hides the islands of Eigg, Rum and Mull.

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Gott Bay with its “Big”beach is the cool place to be.
No having to find your square foot on Tiree’s beaches.
The waters filling the bay are so crystal clear, even tempting.

What a view today's passengers enjoyed.
What a view today’s passengers enjoyed.

You can almost hear the sheep bleat, “Man it’s cool!”
Here on Tiree it is so cool the sheep have to seek shade.
Wherever there was a cool shady spot they sought refuge.
What a service one of the local couriers provides!

Down by the harbour local fishermen are sorting their catch.
Then it is loaded fresh on to the waiting lorry.
Soon it will be off to the continent.

Hot work today
Hot work today

While fishermen work others play.
A jet-ski comes powering across the waters.
Coming to rest in the sheltered waters of the old harbour.

Shortly after and at more leisurely pace a fishing expedition returns.
What an afternoon to be fishing in the calm waters surrounding Tiree today.
With bright blue sky and sea the reflections are near perfect.

Was it a successful fishing trip?
Was it a successful fishing trip?

What a cool place to live.
The sound of the birds is a treat for the ears.
The flowers of the Machair are a feast for the eyes.

What an amazing month of weather we have enjoyed.
For almost four weeks we have had unbroken sunshine.
And tomorrow the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world calls at Tiree.

A lone yacht sails towards Gott Bay
A lone yacht sails towards Gott Bay

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