Specialising in Sunsets

The Isle of Tiree with its big skies specialises in sunsets.
Winter skies can often afford spectacular sunsets.
This past month has seen one after another.
And each one is different.

– Thursday –
not the red skies of previous evenings,
nevertheless Thursday’s sky was impressive.

A Friday Special
A Friday Special

Friday evening’s sunset cast a glow right round the Island.
The swirling cloud formations were dramatic.
Breathtakingly beautiful!

Out in the bay the yacht ‘GILLIATT” adds to the effect.


How different Saturday’s sunset.
At first a blanket of cloud descended.
The air and sea were unbelievably calm.
Anything out there would be so easy to see.
And so it proved when up popped a lone seal.

Saturday's Seal
Saturday’s Seal

Disappointingly no sunset.
Then turning round it was there!
Different. But just as special.

As for Sunday it was different yet again.
First the fiery ball began to sink and disappear.
Then before it sank completely it reappeared again.

Above, before it first disappears.
Below a Gott Bay transformed.
And a yacht anchored for the night.

Then before completely sinking the sun reappeared.
It made a reappearance.

Then comes the gloaming.
With skies remaining light until at least 23:00 hours.
This Is Life on Tiree.

The Gloaming - it's gone  23:00 hours
The Gloaming – it’s gone 23:00 hours