Ghost Ship

What was that?
Did you hear it?
It sounded like a ship’s horn.
And it could be heard over most of the island.

The MV Clansman barely visible.
The MV Clansman barely visible.

There is goes again!
Yet there was no sign of the ferry.
Then gradually she slipped out of the mist.
Probably less than 100 metres from the end of the pier.

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On land there was a definite hint of sunshine.
On the island the fog had somewhat dissipated.
However, in Gott Bay the water was covered by sea mist.

The bow ropes are thrown first
The bow ropes are thrown first

The previous evening the ferry was delayed for technical reasons.
With the sun setting over Gott Bay the ferry headed out to sea bound for Oban.
Those on board would not arrive until at least 1:00am.
What was not anticipated was the fog in Oban.
The ferry was unable to berth.

The Clansman eventually berthed at 3:51am
An extremely long day for both passengers and crew.
This in turn has had a knock on effect on today’s sailing.
However, although late in departing from Oban she berthed at Tiree.

Horn blasting, the Clansman had appeared out of the mist.
Then as quick as she appeared at the pier
She disappeared back into the mist.

In spite of everything the Clansman sailed to Tiree Today.
Not so the plane from Glasgow.
Both flights were cancelled.
No mail!