Inspiring Visitors

It had to happen.
Even on Tiree it couldn’t go on forever.
Four weeks of almost unbroken sunshine had to come to an end.
Nevertheless there is a hardly a breeze and the sea is still flat and calm

Looking over Gott Bay at sundown
Looking over Gott Bay at sundown

Temporarily the stunning sets are absent.
There have been occasional breaks in the clouds.
And the late evening sky can still be fascinating to watch.

Looking over the yellow landscape to Gott Bay
Looking over the yellow landscape to Gott Bay

As yet there has been no heavy downpours.
When all has appeared grey and damp
we have had great company.

The finches have become like family

What inspiration we have found in our daily visitors.
They have brought colour when all around has been grey.
To see mum feeding the youngsters from a fat ball is fascinating.

What a joy to wake up to bird song.
Somehow we are more conscious of it this year.
Perhaps it is all the feeding that they are receiving.

Feeding time
Feeding time is most of the daylight hours

One observation
The big guys take fright quicker.
Our little friends appear more trusting.

Rock Dove
One of the big guys

Thanks friends for all the pleasure you bring.
You have been a real source of joy and inspiration.
Even if you are eating us out of house and home.

This is Life on Tiree even when the sun is not shining all day.