Environmental Destruction

It is nothing less than destruction of the environment.
It should be banned. It should  be made illegal.
You may want manicured lawns to impress.
Grass cutting should cease immediately.

Here am I risking electrocution to escape being mown down
Here am I risking electrocution to escape being mown down

It is difficult enough coping with the weather on Tiree.
You call it five weeks of glorious sunshine.
Have you no consideration?

I feel cornered!
I feel cornered!

Your grass is my haven.
Your garden should be made a nature reserve.
I should not have to risk life and limb because of your machines.

I’m informed that
if you use mouseover you’ll get captions
and if you double-click you’ll see me even larger.
Even if I say it myself, ‘I’m told I am quite a handsome chap.’

As a relative of mine said,
“The lasses aye thocht me a fine strappin’ chiel,
An’ I ken I’m a rale bonny singer as weel.
I’m nae gaun tae blaw, but th’ truth I maun tell-
I believe I’m the verra MacPuddock himsel.”
John M. Caie
from The Kindly North: verse in Scots and English
(D. Wyllie & Son, 1934)

Save our Grass!
Save our Grass!

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