Environmental Destruction

It is nothing less than destruction of the environment. It should be banned. It should  be made illegal. You may want manicured lawns to impress. Grass cutting should cease immediately. It is difficult enough coping with the weather on Tiree. You call it five weeks of glorious sunshine. Have you no consideration? Your grass is my haven. […]

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Red! Red! Red!

Red! Red! Red! Yet another Spectacular Sunset. The day itself was characterised by light showers. But come late evening the sunset did not disappoint. The cup of coffee is abandoned. How can you stay indoors with such a magnetic sky. You are drawn by the reds and yellows to stand and appreciate. Earlier in the evening […]

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Here on Tiree we have been enjoying warm, sunny weather. Having consulted the calendar we are now in week six. Apart from a few odd days it has been exceptional. So we have had amazing sunsets. Mouse-over for captions and double click for larger pictures in galleries Walk down the road past An Turas. Glance south […]

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Guiding Star

The Isle of Tiree is about 45 minutes flying time from Glasgow. By ferry the island is just under four hours from Oban. The ferries are regarded as a lifeline service. Most people and goods arrive by ferry. In the Hebrides there is a close connection with the sea. Consciously or unconsciously, we are dependent […]

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Inspiring Visitors

It had to happen. Even on Tiree it couldn’t go on forever. Four weeks of almost unbroken sunshine had to come to an end. Nevertheless there is a hardly a breeze and the sea is still flat and calm Temporarily the stunning sets are absent. There have been occasional breaks in the clouds. And the […]

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Sign of the Times

It is a sign of the times that Tiree Community Council is proposing to try to “adopt” the majority of telephone boxes in Tiree. Another sign is the sight of traffic management as contractors work to complete the task of running the fibre optic cable to the green cabinets in Pier Road (Scarinish), Crossapol, and […]

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Ghost Ship

What was that? Did you hear it? It sounded like a ship’s horn. And it could be heard over most of the island. There is goes again! Yet there was no sign of the ferry. Then gradually she slipped out of the mist. Probably less than 100 metres from the end of the pier. (In […]

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