East To West

East to West.
West to East and East to West.
Our visitors saw the length and breadth of the island.

Onboard the Clansman are our visitors
On board the Clansman are our visitors

Thankfully it is dry and bright.
Our guests are so looking forward to seeing Tiree.
We head out West, stopping at Beachcomber for coffee and cake.
Refreshed we stop for a panoramic view of Crossapol beach and the surfers.

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Bright but not sunny, the colour of the water is still impressive.
Leaving Crossapol beach we head West and stop next at Soroby.

Soroby/Balinoe beach
Soroby/Balinoe beach

Tiree is like a large lamb chop.
Our guests work out on the map exactly where we are.
The real meaty chunk at the base of the chop!

Soroby and Crossapol beaches
Soroby and Crossapol beaches

We cross over to Balephuil and West Hynish.
Our guest exclaim, “We’ve never been this close to seals!
The tide is in and the seals are giving a grand performance.

“Double-click to appreciate the seals”

Suitably impressed we retrace our steps to Soroby.
Then on past Balemartine, Manal and down to Hynish.
We stop and explore the Alan Stevenson Lighthouse Museum.

A Highland Cow and an assortment of calves at Hynish
A Highland Cow and an assortment of calves at Hynish

There is so much to see and the clock is ticking.
We take the Balinoe Road to Heylipol and then on to Sandaig.
It is sad to see the museum there abandoned and open to the weather.
We have a grand view of Kenavara and walk down to the blow-hole.

We have a ferry to watch and an evening meal to enjoy so we head home.
Our road home takes us past the Mill-wheel at Cornaig and Balephetrish beach.
There is only so much you can take in on one day after an early rise for the ferry!

Balephetrish beach from the Kenovay corner

Sunday morning our guests look forward to meeting the church family.
After lunch the tour continues by heading East this time.
Our first stop is at Vaul.

Isle of Tiree Vaul
Looking across the shank from Vaul

The sky is getting lighter and there is a hint of sunshine.
Our next stopping point is Salum and its beach..

Looking across the lamb shank from Vaul
Looking out from Vaul to Gunna and Coll

We point out the outline of the distant Outer Hebrides.
Above, around and in the water thee is much to see.
You want to stay and linger – but there is still much to see.

So to the East End, Caolas and Miodar.
Here we look the whole length of the island – 11 miles..
This is truly a view from East to West- right down to the Golf Ball.

Looking East to West, the length of the island
Looking East to West, the length of the island

Heading back West we visit Milton and its harbour.
Once again the scenery is very different.

There is much more to Milton than its harbour.
Thistles, tarns and lilies.

The last stage of our grand tour of the island takes us back to Soroby.
The last stop before enjoying tea and coffee at Heylipol.
Soroby beach was busy with at least one other family.

To end the day a walk down on the pier.
No spectacular sunset, but still hauntingly beautiful.

A hint of sunset over Gott Bay
A hint of sunset over Gott Bay

Monday morning is the time to say “God Be With you”.
A time to wave them off on the ferry.
Thankful for a true friendship.

Yes! They are still waving!
Yes! They are still waving!

Finally the blue sky and sea that we would like our guests to have seen.
Yet, whatever the weather – Tiree is special.
What a grand start to the week.

The View we would like our guests to have seen.
The View we would like our guests to have seen.

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