All Go at the Pier

Today it’s been all go at the pier.
Marine Traffic revealed the presence of a unexpected visitor.
This was an event that certainly had to be investigated.

MV Burhou at the Pier, Scarinish
MV Burhou at the Pier, Scarinish

The vessel was berthed alongside the pier.
Two tractors and trailers were busy helping with the unloading.
The MV Burhou is owned and operated by the Great Glen Shipping Company.

‘MV Burhou I’ alongside the pier

The MV Burhou I  had brought a load of aggregates
from the quarry on the shore of Loch Etive
and was busy discharging her cargo.


The track of the MV Burhou
The track of the MV Burhou

It was evident that the operation would take some considerable time.
The daily visit of the ferry would cause a temporary interruption.
Thus the MV Burhou had to lay off in the Bay.

The MV Burhou lying at anchor
The MV Burhou lying at anchor

It is a rare occurrence to have two vessels in the bay at the same time.
It almost felt as if Gott Bay was a major shipping lane.
For about 45 minutes it was ‘All Go at the Pier”.

The discharged cargo is being stockpiled close to the pier.
“For what purpose are the aggregates required?”
Perhaps this needs further investigation.

The discharged cargo
The discharged cargo

A cloudy day brought to life by an unexpected visitor.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’.