Thatch with a view

With it sunny the decision was made to head towards the West End of the island.
Our guests chose to have coffee at the Farmhouse Cafe at Balemartine.
The cafe is a light, bright, cheery place to enjoy coffee or lunch.
Refreshed we made our way to Hynish.

The road from Balemartine to Hynish
The road from Balemartine to Hynish

The fishing boat ‘Strenuous’ is normally tied up at Scarinish Harbour’.
So, it was interesting to find it against the old pier at Hynish.
It brought a splash of colour to the pier.

The boat Strenuous
The boat Strenuous

The sun had brought out families to this small beach.
It was great to see the fun that was being enjoyed.
For Tiree this is a crowded beach.

A crowded beach
A crowded beach

The ‘THATCH’ decided to make the most of a seat.
“Why spoil a good view by walking?”
‘Rest And Be Thankful’.

Sit and do some beach exercise.
Mental exercise, “Choose which beach you like best.”
As you look east beach after beach, after beach, unfolds.

Looking towards Scarinish with the BT Tower clearly visible
Looking towards Scarinish with the BT Tower clearly visible

The Hynish Centre is home to Alan Stevenson Centre.
This was built as the shore base for the distant Skerryvore Lighthouse.

It wasn’t just ‘Thatch’ who was making the most of the view.
With no wind to speak of a buggy was strategically placed.
What a wonderful place to rest your eyes.
Safe and secure.

Buggy with a view.
Buggy with a view

Near by, just above, is the Golf Ball.
A landmark clearly visible across the island.
A handy reference point where ever you find yourself on Tiree.

The Golf Ball
The Golf Ball

Before returning home, an excursion to West Hynish
to see the ‘Lighthouse’ the seals, and Balephuil Beach.

Skerryvore Lighthouse
Skerryvore Lighthouse

Just take in the sweep of the bay.
Balephuil beach with Kenavara as a backdrop.

Isle of Tiree
Balephuil Beach and Bay

This is ‘Life on Tiree’