What a Treat

The evening began with a real treat.
An outing with our visitors to Ceabhar.
Home cooked meals with warm, friendly service.
Every visit to the Isle of Tiree should include this treat.

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Making our way slowly back home
We were tempted to continue on to Vaul.
The sky was hinting that another treat was in store.

The sun was sinking but had not yet set.
So we continued on to Coalas and Miodar.
In the distance the Outer Hebrides were just visible.

‘To close the curtains or not?’
Back home that was the question.
It was then that we noticed the colour of the sky.
The sky to the North West was streaked with shades of red

Sunset from Pier Road, Scarinish
The sun has set – the view from Pier Road, Scarinish

Two great treats on the same evening.
This is Life on Tiree shared with our visitors.

The Sun has set – the view over Gott Bay