Leaving the crofting township of Heylipol the sky was ablaze with colour.
The sun was slowly dropping down behind Ben Hough.
Crossing the Reef it was a sight to behold.
By Scarinish the sun had set.

The sun might have set but the sky was awash with colour.
The colour reflected in the clam waters of Gott Bay.
It was so peaceful and restful.

Out in the bay was the visiting launch – Achnaba.
The landward backdrop was Kirkapol with its ancient church buildings.

Overhead a jet bound for the USA
Overhead a jet bound for the USA

Overhead at 35,000 feet a jet passed quietly by.
The vapour trail reflects the colour of the sunset.
Out in the Passage of Tiree some fishermen are hard at work.

A fishing boat out in the Passage of Tiree – the Treshnish Isles but a faint shadow.

Much further away but clearly visible the moon.
There are occasions when Tiree is so still.
This is one of them.
Already there are indications that for some at least the stillness will be awakened.
The site is prepared, the stage is set, the marquee is erected.
Tiree Music Festival is about to begin.
It’s exciting!