What an incredible transformation!
From poor visibility to almost perfect clarity.
From murky grey sea fog to beautiful blue sky.
From damp, dreich conditions to warm sunshine.

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The change was not just sensory.
The change touched and transformed feelings.
Feelings of disappointment suddenly changed to excitement.
Spirits were suddenly lifted as we were treated to Tiree sunshine.

Tiree Post Office sun bathing
Tiree Post Office sun bathing

The change in the weather meant planes were able to land.
Tiree Airport was back in business in the late afternoon.
First the larger Saab landed, followed by a Twin Otter.
The flight path taking the planes over the pier.

Horizons were expanded.
The weekend had been ‘Wet! Wet! Wet!”
Monday morning had been ‘Wait! Wait! Wait!’.
Almost imperceptibly the change swept over the island.
Out of nowhere suddenly the Isle of Tiree was ‘Blue! Blue! Blue!’

Mission Control
Mission Control and Marshalling Lanes

The organisers of TMF worked hard.
Open Air Festival events were transferred into the Big Top.
And TMF finished on a high with the Hot Hot Chilli Pipers and Skipinnish.

The Pier staff worked to get travellers safely home.
Without the pier staff there would be no Tiree Music Festival.
All the necessary gear and goods arrive on the island by the ferry.
Over the week and weekend the number travelling is in the thousands.
They do not timetable the ferry but they have to handle anger and frustration.

In the end everyone who wanted to get off the island was able to board the late sailing.
Without a shoehorn every vehicle and foot passenger was able to board.
Even the chip-van on standby was squeezed on.

Gott Bay was like a different world.
Launches and yachts were now clearly visible.
The water was once again all shades of azure blue.
The sea shimmered and glistened in the dazzling sunshine.
And one brave swimmer was powering his way across the waters.

To cap it all we had a hint of a sunset.
The TMF full moon danced in and out of the clouds.
Who would have believed the transformation?
It was incredible.

The Moon dancing in and out of the clouds
The Moon dancing in and out of the clouds

This is Life on Tiree.