Show Time

Friday 22nd July 2016 was Show Time on Tiree.
The earliest record of a show on the island was 1877.
It has had various venues over the years including Scarinish.
Since 2004 the Show has been held at the Rural Centre and Mart, Crossapol.

A Champion Horse
A Champion Horse

Tiree has a proud record of producing award winning stock.
Our crofters and farmers have won at national shows.
It is an honour to judge at the Tiree Show.
Even if it is not the largest.

Something to bellow about
Something to bellow about

Home industries, crafts and tractors, equipment they are all here.
There are food vendors and calories galore.
Do not forget the ice-cream.

For sale
For sale

It is a great day out.
Families come together for the occasion.
Many make the trip to Tiree especially for the Show.
And the weather for the past three years has been ideal.

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It was a day for ice-cream.
Oh! The joy of an ice-cream – something to savour.
A day to purchase, anticipate, hesitate, enjoy and rest satisfied.

Can I have one for my birthday?
Can I have one for my birthday?

There is something for all ages.
Ideas for Birthdays and Christmas.
Competitions and Awards, Food and Calories Galore.
Just enjoy the fun and excitement of the day as caught on camera.

There are tractors to try.
‘All tractors large and small’

Dogs to show and dogs to walk.
Dogs in all colour, shapes and sizes.
Dogs that help owners make new friends.

Sheep to shear.
Stand and watch the skill.

Sheep to show and sheep of different breeds.
How well do you know your breeds?

There are champions and champions of champions.
When will the judges decide the winner?
Will the dog eat the cockerel?

Judges to judge.
Faces to recognise.
Announcements to be made.

Calories to consume and food to enjoy.
Spoilt for choice.

Take a walk round the tents.
Crafts and skills to appreciate.
Gifts to purchase and calendars for next year

A winner on the day.
By the young handler of the year.

A winning calf
A winning calf

Thanks to an award winning Show and Committee.
It is a grand day out.

The Secretary's Tent and Awards
The Secretary’s Tent and Awards

Life on Tiree on Show Day.

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