Baugh A View

The crofting township of Baugh affords a truly beautiful outlook.
The slight rise in the road gives an elevated view all round.
A view that encompasses the neighbouring islands.
Yes! Stop and Baugh a View.
(Baugh pronounced Bag)

The view of Crossapol beach from Baugh
The view of Crossapol beach from Baugh

Where else does a walk to the Doctor’s Surgery include such views?
Views that take in the three ‘Bens’ – Hynish, Kenavara and Hough.

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There is also a view across the Reef to Tiree’s Airport.
The backdrop is Ben Hough with the former coastguard post.
Don’t be deceived it is further away than it looks in the photograph.

Tiree Airport
Tiree Airport set against Ben Hough as seen from Baugh

It was good to be on foot today – to be able to stop and admire the view.
A view that I have often wanted to capture but have been in a car.
I was able to ‘Baugh the View!

In the right conditions our south facing window looks out on the Paps of Jura.
It never ceases to impress that the ‘Paps’ are 50 miles distant.
Today we had a view of them from Baugh.

The Paps of Jura as seen from Baugh
The Paps of Jura as seen from Baugh

This has been a good year for fuchsias on the island.
Suddenly I have been aware of them in unexpected places.
One garden in Baugh had several good specimens of these colourful shrubs.

Then there is the old port where ‘Puffers’ used to call.
It is a favourite spot of the road at Baugh.
Especially when ‘Pelican’ is present.

The boat 'Pelican' moored in the old port
The boat ‘Pelican’ moored in the old port

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on a beautiful warm sunny day.
An afternoon that included a walk to Baugh and back.