Sail Away

The Tiree Music Festival is over for another year. Monday saw the mass exodus of festival goers. But it took two sailings of the Clansman. TMF over – the rain stopped and the sun shone. Monday evening was a real treat after the weekend. But that was just a foretaste of what was to come […]

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What an incredible transformation! From poor visibility to almost perfect clarity. From murky grey sea fog to beautiful blue sky. From damp, dreich conditions to warm sunshine. (In galleries mouseover for captions, double-click for larger photographs) The change was not just sensory. The change touched and transformed feelings. Feelings of disappointment suddenly changed to excitement. […]

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Wait! Wait! Wait!

There’s been a joke doing the rounds on Tiree. They should have had ‘Wet, Wet, Wet’ playing at TMF. It has been a weekend of persistent dreich, damp weather. On Sunday evening sea fog (haar) began and settled in overnight. The first ferry departed Oban at 5:30am and arrived Tiree at 9:20am. Long before the […]

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A Welcoming Working Island

Tiree is a welcoming, working island. It is a surfer’s paradise, but it is much more. It is not simply a playground, but a home to those who live and work here. This weekend it is hosting the Tiree Music Festival. The Cornaig Ceilidh Band (Number 6) in the CalMac Tent. On Sunday the Church […]

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Addition Or Edition?

Is it the Thursday Edition? Or is the Thursday Addition? It matters not for it can be read either way. Appointments in Baugh meant no appointment with the ferry. Yet before dropping down to the old harbour the ferry was visible. As I crossed the machair beside Pier Road the ferry headed out to sea. I […]

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Wednesday’s Wonder

By 9:00pm the sun was casting a golden glow over the island. Shortly after 10:00pm the sun was setting. Then the evening sky was transformed. (Mouse-over in galleries for captions, double-click for larger photographs.) While a lone seal patrols the waters surrounding Scarinish Pier. Unlike West Hynish seals tend to be loners at Scarinish. Occasionally they appear […]

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Sun Before Showers

The last thing the organisers of TMF want is a forecast of gale force winds. Any gales are further north and west, so TMF has been spared. Wednesday is the day of sun before the arrival of showers. (Mouse-over in galleries for captions, double-click for larger photographs.) It is heart warming to have bright blue sky. Scarinish old […]

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Leaving the crofting township of Heylipol the sky was ablaze with colour. The sun was slowly dropping down behind Ben Hough. Crossing the Reef it was a sight to behold. By Scarinish the sun had set. The sun might have set but the sky was awash with colour. The colour reflected in the clam waters […]

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Tiree’s Beautiful Bounty

What beauty lies on our own doorstep. Well not quite literally! Rather, just outside our door. Our garden is just a small patch. More a nature reserve than a formal garden. Yet, what amazing beauty lies within its boundaries. It is a colourful world. In many ways it is best appreciated on my knees. And while […]

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What a Treat

The evening began with a real treat. An outing with our visitors to Ceabhar. Home cooked meals with warm, friendly service. Every visit to the Isle of Tiree should include this treat. (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures) Making our way slowly back home We were tempted to continue on to Vaul. The sky […]

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