The Mighty One

Weather warnings were being sounded days in advance.
CalMac put Saturday’s sailings on alert of possible disruption.
With conditions relatively calm the morning sailings had no problems.
However, the afternoon/evening sailing was challenging due to the conditions.

The wind was coming from the South, South, East and gusting towards 40mph.
Winds from the South East are about the worst for berthing at Tiree.
Yet skipper, crew and pier staff were excellent.

First the Clansman came across the roundhead.
Then the bow ropes were thrown first.
Using her powerful thrusters she brought in her stern.
Then her stern ropes were secured.
Her ramp was lowered.

It was amazing to watch the skill.
Equally impressive was the sound of the Clansman’s engines.
The wind was whistling and groaning through the vessel’s super-structure.
Yet, all the time she was berthed the Mighty One was held secure against the pier.

The word is out.
Sunday 7th August
“Due to south westerly winds gusting up to 46 knots this service has been cancelled.”

Stormy Conditions Forecast
Stormy Conditions Forecast

The talk is of winter arriving.
It feels that way, but it is an August gale.
Hopefully it will blow itself out by Monday morning.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on a stormy night in August.