Sunset Safari

Sunset Safari.
‘An Turas’ is the Gaelic for ‘Journey’
The Isle of Tiree website defines it as:
Both a building and an art work, a landmark and a symbol.
Situated close to the CalMac Office it gives a view of the island land and seascape.

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This evening’s journey was close to home.
It took us down Pier road, past ‘An Turas’ and onto the pier.
The sun had not yet set but it would be just a matter of minutes until sunset.

The fiery ball seen from Pier Road

The air was still and the water calm,
so the first wild life encountered was the dreaded midge,
but as we approached the water of Gott Bay a heron gave a fly past.

A heron flies close by as we approach the bay.

As we walk down the pier the sun sinks lower and lower.
The view is toward the Steading, Manse and Glebe House.
It is not long until it has completely dropped below the horizon.

Gulls swoop and swirl overhead.
One gull sits sentry-like on a concrete post in the bay.
Our feathered friend is unfazed as we walk and talk close by.

The water takes on the hues of the sky above.
Fiery red, rustic, orange, golden – how do you describe it?
The long pier only adds to the wonder of this colourful seascape.

The Pier, Gott Bay, Tiree
The Pier, Gott Bay, Tiree

It is almost high tide.
Ideal for seeing my friend Sammy or is it Sally?
There are two seals this evening on the seaward side of the pier approach.
Perhaps both Sammy and Sally have made an appearance!
We have no bagpipes with us to draw them closer.
My son tries whistling and singing.
He is sure they are coming closer.

This has been a Sunset Safari.
More than a walk the length of ‘An Turas.
A walk where we encountered midge, heron, gull and seal.

Life on Tiree - A Sunset Safari
Life on Tiree – A Sunset Safari

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.