Vaul’s Magnificent Vista

It is strange how you suddenly become aware of the subtle change.
Without looking out of the window you know there is a difference.
The setting sun is casting g a russet glow all around.

Come on ladies, let's smile for the camera.
Come on ladies, let’s smile for the camera.

The decision is made to head for the crofting township of Vaul.
Our way takes us along the shore of Gott Bay.
Before taking the road to Vaul.

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The sun is getting low in the sky.
We need to head up and on to the headland.
What magnificent views of the islands of Rum and Eigg.
Can we see the outer Hebrides or is it  clouds that are covering them?

Telly, Tiree's Turbine, transformed by the sunset
Telly, Tiree’s Turbine, transformed by the sunset

We drop down almost to sea level.
The sun still appears above the horizon.
The best view will be at from Dun Mor – the broch.

This is the best example of a broch on Tiree.
It was constructed around 6AD as an emergency refuge.
This broch is the only one that has been excavated on the island.

Vaul’s felt roof houses against the skyline

By the time the broch was reached the sun had set.
But the after glow transformed the sky, north, south, east and west.
The vista from the broch at Vaul was certainly worth the effort of getting there.

The sky transformed over Vaul
The sky transformed over Vaul

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.