Added Interest

The Wednesday sailing from Oban to Coll and Tiree departs Oban at 7:15am.
This summer sailing arrives in Tiree at 11:05am and departs at 11:30am.
Instead of returning directly to Oban it continues on to Barra.
The ferry then arrives back in Tiree at 17:15pm
This enables a day visit to Tiree.

The MV Clansman in the Minch and approaching the Gunna Sound
The MV Clansman out in the Minch and approaching the Gunna Sound

It is therefore possible to have a non-landing cruise to Barra from Tiree.
The ferry calls at the port of Castlebay on the Island of Barra.
Kisimul Castle is situated in the bay itself.
It translates as the ‘rock in the bay’.

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On this particular day in August we had an added in interest in this sailing.
Our son who is visiting us boarded the ferry in Tiree for the cruise.
The outward journey was characterised by a deep swell.
He found greater pleasure in the return journey.

The MV Clans man approaching the Gunna Sound
The MV Clansman approaching the Gunna Sound

As the ferry crosses the Minch dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks can be seen.
Our son reported observing basking sharks close to the Gunna Sound.
Such sightings are possible from Tiree itself.

The MV Clansman in the Gunna Sound
The MV Clansman in the Gunna Sound

The Gunna Sound is the narrow stretch of Water that separates Coll and Tiree.
It is impressive to watch the MV Clansman progress through the Sound.
Knowing our son was on board ‘Life on Tiree’ was present.
He would want a photographic record. Surely!

It was a day of bright, warm sunshine.
A day on which there were clear view of neighbouring islands.
The view from the Sound included Ben More on Mull and the Dutchman’s Cap.

Knowing our son was on board gave an added interest.
Much as knowing the author of a book makes you want to read it.
I find this true of the Bible, knowing the author makes a real difference.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ reporting on a day trip to Barra.