Secluded Sandaig

An exciting responsibility took us across Tiree to Sandaig.
Sandaig lies at almost the opposite end of the island.
It is one of Tiree’s 30 plus crofting townships.

Skerryvore Lighthouse from Sandaig.
Skerryvore Lighthouse from Sandaig.

We have been to the township many times.
It is the home base of  the renown Tiree Fitness.
From here Tiree’s Ultra-Marathon is planned and organised.

The view across to Kenavara

Our host’s home looks out to sea to the Skeryvore Lighthouse.
The view much closer to home is across the Machair to Kenavara.
The steep cliffs are home to the largest colony of sea-birds on the island.

Looking across to Kenavara
A panoramic view of Kenavara from Sandaig

Many make their way to Sandaig for a completely different reason.
Next door to Tiree Fitness is  Ceabhar, a much loved restaurant.
The restaurant provides excellent views across the Machair.
The host is most welcoming and the food excellent.

Sandaig Beach
Sandaig Beach

Although many make their way to Sandaig, not so many find the secluded beach.
You can drive part of the way down to track but the walk is better.
Our young charge took us on a run rather than a walk.

The walk gives views of Tiree’s three major Bens – Kenavara, Hough and Hynish.
The walk can be extended to take in an ascent of Kenavara.
To think that today we had the beach all to ourselves.

Traigh nan Gilean (Sandaig Beach) faces on to the great Atlantic Ocean.
Yet is a tranquil, secluded place sheltered to the south by Kenavara.
The waves are often broken by the many skerries.

Sandaig beach sheltered to the south by Kenavara

As we make our way back from the beach
we pass the plaque commemorating the loss of HMS Sturdy.

The plaque commemorating the loss of HMS Sturdy
The plaque commemorating the loss of HMS Sturdy

The earlier clouds are gradually dispersing.
The sun is shining, but so is the moon!

The sun is out and so is the moon

There are many reasons to visit Sandaig:
An evening out enjoying an excellent meal.
A visit to the gym for a training session or to hire a bike.
But don’t forget there is even more to the township — enjoy a great walk.
There’s even a blowhole!

The Atlantic Ocean washes the shore here at Sandaig.
The Atlantic Ocean washes the shore here at Sandaig.

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